Over the last two years we have been very busy in assisting developers and architects gaining planning consents for their developments and fulfilling the requirements for Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMP) and Construction Logistics Plans  (CLP). These technical reports are supported by our specialist design team for the  traffic management drawings.

Recent Projects Include:

Westminster City Hall

We were commissioned by ISG Plc to provide a Construction Logistics Plan, and Traffic Impact Assessment for the site, who were undertaking a multi million pound fit out of the entire building. Access to the site was very restrictive, and required the use of Victoria Street to undertake road side operations. Key stakeholders Transport for London and Westminster City Council, had concerns about the potential impacts upon Victoria Street, and needed a plan developed to manage the activities and minimise the impacts.

We provided a Construction Logistics Plan for the entire development which identified how all of the logistical operations would be managed, and supported this with a technical assessment of the traffic impacts. Our design team also produced traffic management plans showing how the road space would be managed, and, vehicle swept path drawings to demonstrate that Buses were not impacted by our works. All reports were accepted and approved by the relevant authority, and works on site commenced on time as scheduled.

313 Cambridge Heath Road, London Borough Tower Hamletts.

The RGB Group received planning consent to build a 5 storey 161 room hotel upon a very small plot of land. Access to the site was restricted by the narrowness of the street, and, there were a number of commercial businesses nearby with whom consultation and engagement was required. RGB commissioned us to provide the Construction Logistics Plan and community engagement.

We undertook one-to-one engagement with every commercial business affected by the upcoming construction works. This process allowed us to identify all of their operational requirements in terms of access and deliveries. These details were then used to develop the Construction Logistics Plan and allowed us to produce a plan which ensured that our impacts to the local community were minimised, alleviating concerns from the businesses and satisfying the local authorities requirements to ensure a full and proper community engagement plan. Our report was supported by 16 traffic management drawings.

We continue to work with Architects and developers to provide Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMP), to discharge the planning conditions imposed for the construction of basement developments. We offer an unrivalled service in the production of Construction Traffic Management Plans due to our 20 years expertise in Traffic Management and community engagement. Our success rate in ‘first time’ submission approvals is over 90%.

Hounslow Highways

TMTS were appointed to act as traffic management consultants by Ringway / Hounslow Highways to provide Traffic Management Drawings (over 1000 to date) for resurfacing works and replacement lamp column works throughout the Hounslow area. This would involve working in the footways and carriageways. The following drawings represent an example of the traffic management that was carried out to complete the works as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.